USGS Geological Hazards
Near real time earthquake world list and world map.

The World-Wide Earthquake Locator
The World-Wide Earthquake Locator is an interface developed by Bruce Gittings of the Department of Geography at the University of Edinburgh in 1995, very much as an illustration of what is possible using the World-Wide Web and the internet. It develops the networking aspects of work we have done building an earthquake analysis system using data dynamically obtained over the internet.
Emergency Preparedness & Response on Earthquakes
CDC website on how to be prepare and to act in case of an earhquake

International Disasters Situation Reports
Site from de Center for International Disaster Information focusing on natural disasters, including earthquakes.

European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
International Seismological Centre
International Seismological Centre


Coordenação de Risco e Situações de Emergência
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